Loh Mee @ Newlane, Penang

Recently, I have been crazy on having my meals in New Lane.. and is a place of Hawker Delights beside the one in ….. where?? In Gurney Drive.. Comparable, New Lane food is nicer and a bit cheaper than in Gurney Drive.. and oishi.. Went to New Lane again.. and ordered this one , Loh Mee which I seldom eat in Penang.. Loh Mee is kinda popular in Penang and u can see dem in most Prawn Mee ( Pg Hokkien Mee) stall as they mostly sell dem together.. and u can mix the Prawn Mee Soup with the Loh Mee Soup if you want.

Loh Mee is mostly more starchy as the word “Loh” in Hokkien is some kind of soup which is starchy.. and it served with egg, slices of pork and garlics. As for the noodles, as usual you can choose to have the yellow noodles or with bihun…

This stall of Loh Mee is nice.. as they served with plentiful of garlic as well as the soup is not very starchy so when u take a lot you wont feel like giving up. That’s why I love dem. cause mostly I fail to love loh mee.. cause I hate the starchy taste.. but this stall is great and nice

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 3.80

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