Fried Rice, Popiah and Hokkien Char @ New World Park, Burmah Road, Penang

All at the sudden thinking to have some food and ended to New World Park.. Actually planning to have laksa but din manage to due to having ulser on my mouth.. so have Fried Rice instead. The fried rice is kinda cheap RM 3.50 … as normal fried rice, I wont be expecting much but the fried rice comes with papadam… Indian snacks as well as 3 big prawns on it .. that’s real nice and good… haha.. and the taste of the fried rice is very nice as well. Incredibly nice and oishi fried rice from the new world park food court.

Popiah… is one of the nice yummy food.. in Penang … I love the food there where the popiah is simply delicious and they wrap with lots of mengkuang which makes me feel that is it oishi .. wakakakaka… and is kinda big role as well

While dad ordered this one, Hokkien Char. Dad commented this as yummy as well. The taste is not bad and nice.. jus a little saltish only.. so wat he rate them. Rate: 3/5.

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