cHicken Noodles, Yee hOng, Penang

Many food to tell u guys.. watch out ya.. hahaha.. I had been eating non- stop .. and is my dear Penang hometown which crave me with delicious food which had been in my mind and my mouth.. never thought I can miss Penang food a lot .. and I had this Chicken noodles in Yee Hong, Penang. .. dono why I still prefer the one in KL.. maybe because of the mee.. that is more thin and nicer. This one for me is like grandmother eat mee- everything is real nice except the mee is not thin enough… hahaha.. oishi as well.. but is real cheap – RM 3.50.. imagine I eat this in KL, think should be RM 6-8 d… hahaha

Price: RM 3.50
Taste: 4/5

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  1. chrisau says

    it looks good…never really tasted Penang’s wantan mee…. I always end up eating asam laksa and char kuay teow when I’m in Penang.

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