Breakfast @ Kim Gary, Sungei Wang, KL

Having my breakfast in Kim Gary @ Sungei Wang … It had been so long I din dine in Kim Gary ever since XY not working in Gurney Plaza ( GP). .. but now is not in GP but in KL Sungei Wang.. They give us the menu and we tick on our own …

I dono why the French toast here is more heavy and the taste is more oily compare to GP… but overall is nice.. cause it can last me for the whole day … a French toast and a nai cha ( milk tea) .. hahha… The service here is very good compared to Penang.. maybe because I came quite early and not much customers.. and maybe they haven get mad yet when too many customers.. haha..

I and Carol ordered French toast each and wan Nai Cha and Yin Yong ( coffee + tea ).. overall de taste is simply delicious .. The nai cha is real nice and yummy .. and here I took de picture of the oishi smooth nai cha.. and yin yong

And here comes the shining oishi French toast .. which combine with butter and peanut butter and pour with honey.. yumm yummm

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