Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow, Nov 2008

makan again… and i am having a big fever now.. of char koay teow.. another one month more in Pg before i move on to KL to stay and den u c me blog food in KL d.. haha.. so i am now trying to makan as much as i can in Penang before i go KL… thats terrible rite.

Today went to Lorong Selamat and tried the real expensive char koay teow… gosh.. is real expensive.. RM 6 per plate.. and is real yummy.. really nice and oishi.. haha.. RM 6 wor.. gt big prawns as well… wah… thats nice men!!!!

Price: RM 6
Tatse: 4/5


  1. Nate-n-Annie says

    Penang food is the best! Get as much CKT in Penang before going to KL because not going to get any good CKT there hahahah.

    Lorong Selamat is pretty good. I like the big fat prawns. And the lard.

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