Set Lunch @ Macademia, Queensbay Mall

Was thinking to have sushi king … and ended up in Macademia Restorant as the queue in sushi was really very very long .. gosh… I had to eat in one hour and look at the queue I think “ forget it” . HP recommended me with this Macademia restaurant which is situated at the North Zone of Queensbay Mall. Right at the corner of the entrance from the North Zone. It is being told that this restaurant chef is from a hotel.. but dono which hotel la.
I reached there and the service is real good. They handed us the menu with two different choices which one is ala carte and another is set menu. As we know the price of the set menu is mostly will be cheaper than the ala-carte. So, we look at the set first… haha.. there are quite a few choices of western to choose from.

The menu price range is from RM 13.50 to RM 18.00.. and is kinda reasonable. The set comes with a soup, a main dish and a cup of drink. They have many choices from fish, chicken as well as lamb. The restaurant chef told us they don serve beef… and the service is extremely good and the very friendly. He explained the meals well to us. I order BBQ fried chicken while HP ordered a special dish which have the combination of many choices. Firstly, they serve us with our drinks which is the chrysanthemum tea. Then comes the soup. The mushroom soup and the presentation is very nice. The soup is not very creamy compared to the one I had in temptation last time. As I am also not much a soup lover.. haha. The soup have not much of creamy taste and the taste of the mushroom is also very nice and good. Credits for the chef.. oishi desu… Rate it 4/5

Next come mine set of BBQ fried chicken. The set comes with the chicken that are being fried and is drumstick and they pour the bbq sauce on it. And the taste is incredible nice. It has the taste of the BBQ sauce.. as well as the chicken was crispy fried.. in hot oil. Haha.Then they serve with potatos below.. and the taste is really delighting but kinda a heavy lunch for me. Mine is RM 13.90

HP’s set looks really oishi.. it really like have lots of food.. haha.. it comes with chicken, lamb as well as sausage as well.. gosh.. is indeed a very heavy lunch.. according to him, he rate is as real oishi .. haha.. his set is RM 16.90.. as fr his set is really worth.. good food and recommendation

Overall Taste: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Price: Around RM 35 fr 2

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