Flavors.. in Genting

Last month went to Genting.. looks like too busy and have no time to blog my food in KL and all.. time is too tight and after moving to Dell, seems not much time to blog.
we went to Flavors in Genting.. where u can find lots of food there. food there is not bad.. but u just kinda expensive.. u cant find food which is less than RM 10 .. haha

we went this shop, Flavors.. where this food is so many many taste buds.. and the list is not much. Maybe because .. of that, it had …a list of food.. and not much choice.. and the service is really really fast.

What we ordered. Me and Chun ordered the FU YONG Egg.. which is very nice.. is call Sharkfin Fu Yong Egg.. the egg is fried with some cabbage as well as carrots. very nice. Really love it very much. the price is RM 8. quite big portion and nice. what we rate is 4/5

Carol order this.. PASTA.. is cooked with tomato sauce and chicken. The taste is really really nice according to her. Other than that, the portion is real big and taste is incredible nice… haha.. one word oishi.. as well as the food is clean and serve fast . Rate: 3/5

Chun.. ordered this one.. i dono wats really wats dis.. she told me like kong poh fried bihun.. another type of bihun.. haha.. so not much comment of the food.. wats she rate- 3/5..

lastly me, here comes, mine is curry chicken rice in bowl. wat is special is it is in bowl as well.. the taste is not bad .. and is kinda special. Em, the curry is not that thick .. and its like wat le..more on nyonya curry then Indian or Malay curry. so is really nice. Wats most good.,.. is de portion is really big.. haiz.. Rate: 4/5

Overall the price is killing- RM 60 for all of this.. haha..


  1. Catherine says

    I love Genting too…. First it always has promotion room rates available and second, I may like to take a short break in cool environment when the weather is too warm….

    Btw, thank you so much for visiting my site. I love your blog too! Shall we go for a link exchange? Drop me a note if you are glad with it. See you and have nice day!

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