RM 10 Secret Recepies BBQ Chicken

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RM 10 craze for past few weeks had caught me back to Secret Recepies to try the last and only menu in the offer which is the BBQ Chicken. Waiting time is still ok.. Perhaps that day there are not much people and I waited for my food for about 10 minutes only. So, I can say is consider quite believing and ok to wait for 10 minutes. The BBQ Chicken is served with drumstick and it had being stewed and then pour wif BBQ sauce. The BBQ sauce is really nice … and when it poured to the chicken.. It can make as the gravy for the rice. The taste is superb and delighting … and most of all is worth for the price. Nice and oishi.. Futhermore..the service is quite good in queensbay compared to other secret recepies which I tried in Gurney Plaza. Nice.. 😛

Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 10 ++

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