The Sisters Chee Cheong Fan

Chee cheong fun is famous is Penang .. where it is the combination of 2 sauce ( ha kou ( prawn paste) and dim cheong (sweet paste)) wif a more smooth type of koay teow. The stall Is located at the chowrata market of the famous koay teow thng.. Many had been asking fr the location of the Chowrasta Market. It is located along Penang Road opposite the police station. Along the streets in the market, you can many shops lots wif many nice yummy food. This one is located at the Soon Yuen coffee shop.

The sisters Chee Cheong Fun had been opened for more than 15 years. .. ever since I am a kid.. my parents always bring me dere to taste the chee cheong fun.. Is now RM 0.80 per roll and mostly people will order 2 to 5 rolls.. since the portion is not that big. Try taste them and tell me wat you think

Taste: 4/5

Price: RM 0.80 / roll

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