Café Julie @ Bukit Jambul

Café Julie @ Bukit Jambul

Fetching Mum back from BJ, and saw a shop at the BJ Apartments.. around the place of the nice Pan Me at BJ. We ordered a few dishes where we ordered 3 of them.. one is Siam Laksa and Lemon chicken Rice and lastly the Ipoh Beansprout Chicken Rice. Service wise is not bad

The Siam Lemak Laksa.. for me is kinda weird and not nice at all. The taste is some sort of too lemak and the laksa noodles is different. Not recommended

The Lemon Chicken Rice is ok ok.. I just taste bits.. the lemon taste not as sour as I am expecting.. and the chicken is deep fried.. and is kinda hard .. since they might fried them for too long kua..Taste is ok ok only

Chicken rice.. nothing special jus a chicken rice but the rice is white rice.. I prefer the oily rice for chicken rice.. is nicer.. so is just normal not much special.. and the chicken is not real fresh


Taste: 2/5

Price: RM 13

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