Makan makan @ Medan Bayan


Another place for makan for people in Relau and bayan Lepas. This one is just opposite PISA. Is a food court. If u wan makan dere.. em.. i Suggest 7.00 pm la.. so u can find food dere.. or not u won get anything jus a few stall available dere. It is mainly open for night business and morning is dim sum.. Not recomended dim sum.. yucks.. i taste once.. and is a thumb down.. no more.

The night food is not bad.. some are expensive some are not. My mum ordered sweet and sour fish which is very sour. .. 😛 Quite nice…and it is quite cheap.. RM4.50 😛


– Sweet & Sour Fish-

You also can find some delicious fried seafood taufu and fried seafood roll. Is real real nice and delicious as well as is quite cheap RM 2 for each so is RM 4 fr both


I also ordered this one, fries ice cream.. which is one of my favorite.. i love ice creams but the ice creams not tasting very nice.. not recomended..


– Fried Ice Cream-


– Sate-

This is the most expensive sate I had ever taste.. RM0.80/ cucuk.. Memang expensive le.. haha.. taste also not really nice.. hehe.. Overall… not bad

Taste: 3/5

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