Char Koay Kak @ food court opposite Peng Hua School


Char Koay Kak is also some of the nice stuff in Penang but stalls of finding tehm is getting less.. I tasted this one.. not bad the taste but a bit spicy .. so i cant take much as well.. as not feeling well dat day.

The taste is superbly nice and is a stall at the food court opposite the Peng Hua School. It is wif egg and without egg to choose. .. and the price is real cheap .. the one i ordered is just RM 2.. where u find RM 2 food in Penang now.. cheap and nice.. i ordered a small plate one.

Taste : 4/5
Price: RM 2.00 and above


  1. Tau Sar Phneah says

    yea..u cant find any more rm2 dish in pg d..evything naik harga..there’re few nice caht koay kak still surviving in pg..

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