Madam Kwan Nasi Lemak

I will never miss Madam Kwan Nasi Lemak whenever I am in KL.. The first time i had it is 3 years ago..and the food is yummy.. I had it once and den i will go and have them when ever in KL.. Have a chance to grab them tis time.. Unsure.. but will try .. since this upcoming week schedule to KL is a bit tight..

Em.. the nasi lemak.. is nice because of the rice as well as the curry chicken which are very LEMAK.. when you grab de taste of it.. u will love the the curry is not that pedas.. but very very have de LEMAK taste.. and de rice is as well having cocunut smell.. de santan smell.em.. is a wah..

I love the one in KLCC and de one in Pavilion as well.. :)

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