Gayang Restaurant located in Tuaran bringing fresh seafood from the tank. Located on the Kampung Baharu,Jalan sulaman overlooking mangrove swamp, Gayang Seafood Restaurant serves up the freshest of ingredients with friendly flair and SERVE NO PORK.

Gayang Seafood Restaurant
Address Kg Baharu, Jln Sulaiman
Tuaran, P.O Box 12629, 88300
Kota Kinabalu
Telephone +60 16 810 2395


Gayang Seafood Restaurant is one of the best place to enjoy the bounty of the sea is by the sea.The shop is established from 2002, one of the Tuaran Seafood Restaurants,its only 28KM from kota kinabalu.It is a perfect place to enjoy all kinds of delightful marine cuisine in sabah,Malaysia. It is … [Read more...]