Ding Tai Fung Mid Valley had provided us with a new face to their customer. The shop is listed for the award winning “xiu long bao”. Customers are started to line up and getting numbers to dine during the lunch hours and their business is so good. Spicy Jelly Fish is one of the famous delights in … [Read more...]


Din Tai Fung which is being one of the famous Taiwanese Delights in the world. The restaurant is also being an award winning restaurant serving Taiwanese specialties - the xiaolongbao which is most famous dish of all. It has restaurants worldwide and it has opened their outlet in Malaysia in … [Read more...]


Food time again and this time we went to Ajisan Ramen. Ajisan Ramen, a place where served Japanese food but for me I still prefer Sushi Zanmai.As is kinda late, choices are no longer much for meal. Thsi time, we went for some Bento type meal. As for me , i ordered the Teriyaki Chicken. The Teriyaki … [Read more...]

Meals @ Zanmai Sushi, 1-Utama

Zanmai Sushi is one of my favorite and I had been addicted to it. When ever I think of Sushi.. I will be perfectly crazy and my selection will be the one in Zanmai. So for this time, me and dear was indulge with soft shell crab and we ordered a softshell crab sushi for a try.I can say the Crab Maki … [Read more...]

Queensbay Dragon-I

Recently, they open a branch in Queensbay Mall, Penang ( Queensbay third floor) and I decide to give them a second chance. Surprisingly, the wait staffs here in Penang are extremely attentive, fast and accomodating. They receive a thumb up. The place is crowded but the service was fast. I was there … [Read more...]