HK-style cheese baked rice with pork chop is the serving which consists of rice, fried pork chops, tomato-based sauce and cheese. These is one of the favorite item in Kim Gary and the set is served with a soup, a dessert as well as a milk tea. The portion is not really big one but is very … [Read more...]


ShiTake Café is our visit in Teluk Intan. It is basically a small café which served a various type of food. The food includes from rice, noodles and more. The café is really nice café and the environment was great too. The restarant is also serving cakes as well. Tropical BBQ Chicken Chop where the … [Read more...]

Meal @ Kim Gary , The Curve

Kim Gary had been my favorite since it open his first branch in Penang.. and being a Kim Gary fans, this time I went with dear to Kim Gary for meal. This time we went together with dear’s cousin. So, as for monthly coupons I bought, I am entitled for a free meal which is the Yin Yong Soup. For this … [Read more...]

Hongkie @ E-Gates, Penang

Food again... Today I was temptated of having cheese baked rice after HP tell me how nice is it.. I search on the web and many claims that the Hongkie baked rice is nicer than Kim Gary that made me feel like ... Oh gosh.. how can i resist them.. tat should be very nice.. since i love Kim Gary so … [Read more...]