Stress-Free MCO trip to Legoland

Legoland Themepark is indeed one of the places to visit for some fun with children. One can start the journey in Legoland and experience the best of Lego in one place. Start off your journey with the entrance area at the main entertainment centre which is at The Big Shop; the South East Asia’s Largest LEGO Shop.
And our journey to LEGOLAND during this RMCO is perfectly FUN for a #cuticutimalaysia journey to the South. I have been skeptical of bringing my kids to parks, malls and many more as we are really afraid of their hygiene, and of course the pandemic. We can’t be not going out at all and this time, our school holiday journey begins in Legoland.
But everything comes to ease and I can say I am truly impressed with Legoland on how they are handling everything. In here, Legoland have significantly reduced their daily ticket capacity of the attractions so that one could follow the social distancing and this will ensure the best possible guest experience.
Not just that, before we headed to the theme park, they are scanning on security, taking our temperatures, and sanitized our hands. The park is so nice and enjoyable but no worries on everything as I can feel that social distancing is there and all rides are sanitized every round.
Not just that, Legoland had introduced a large number of hygiene station with the had sanitizer to use around at the attraction. As for the rides, they had also applied social distancing on the rides so that we will have minimized contact between party as well.
For first timer, one can enjoy the awesome rides from the attraction. Fans of Ninjago can fully immerse in their 4D inspired rides which is popular among the the Lego Line of Ninjago Toys and TV Series. One can enjoy the great rides and in here, you can control the elements to defeat the Great Devourer and earn Ninja Status.
Asides from that, Legoland also bring you with the Great Lego Race where it features you with the roller coaster thrills together with the virtual reality (VR) technology in an exciting new adventure never – before-seen in a LEGOLAND theme park.  In here, one can enjoy the Great Lego Race where one can enjoy till the fullest.
One can enjoy the beautiful Miniland where one can take beautiful pictures and insta-friendly pictures at Legoland.  In here, they have 20 highly-detailed clusters pay tribute in LEGO to 17 different cities and countries including Johor Bahru, Singapore, Bruine, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos and many more. Some of the highlights includes the beautiful Taj Mahal, KLCC, and also Angkor Wat.
For those who are not aware, the design and production is indeed a MINILAND that turns children into giants and is centerpiece of every LEGOLAND Park. And in here, the landmark are recreated in a scale of 1: 20 using more than 30 million bricks.  And this is one for the biggest project which took over three years to build them up. In here, many of the models are animated such as the figures, trains and many more.

Asides from that, kids can have a nice enjoyable play with the Duplo Playtown , Kid’s Power Tower and also the Observation Tower. Grace is totally in love with the Observation Tower where she can enjoy the beautiful view of Legoland that is really scenic. The place is sanitized every round when guest is in and out of the place.
There is also exciting rides for kids to venture as well.  The Dragon’s Apprentice offers the younger guest to taste of what to expects if they are brave to ride The Dragon. Some of the tree top adventure’s which suitable for the children and the parents to play includes the Forestman’s Hideout, Merlin’s Challenge and also the Royal Joust.
As for the Land of  Adventure, one can step into the journey of Dino Island where it takes the visitors to explore on the canoe of voyage and forgotten times. A great exploring where you can pass rocky outcrops, man-eating plants and a dinosaur lagoon. It was pretty much an exciting experience where the waterfall only go one way and there is no escape of getting wet here.  Asides from that, we explored loads of adventure where it includes Beetle Bounce, Pharaoh’s Revenge play area and many more!
The Lego City is some of the interesting adventure to enjoy to with the children as well. The Driving School brings much fun to them learning how to drive with the car. Each time, the kids is in and out of the car, we witness that the staff start sterilized the vehicle as well.
And of course, children will be pampered with the interesting LIVE performance too from the all-singing and dancing performance from Lego Friends as well.
Asides from the ThemePark, we also witness their waterpark as well. When we enter the water park, temperature are checked to ensure that we have no fever and we need to register our self using MySejahtera apps.
In here, they are so much fun to go for where you can built a raft river, built a boat and many more. What I love the most is each family can enter and enjoy some activities with a certain timing less than 15 minutes. Limited people are allowed to enter and enjoy those facilities so that social distancing is practiced all the way!
Nice and great activities includes the Joker Soaker, Lego’s Wave Pool  and many more.
After getting fun from both Legoland Theme Park and Water Park,we of course head to the Latest Addition by Legoland’s Malaysia Resort which is the SEALIFE. The Sealife Adventure bring you with a great experience where one can witness the intimate and yet interactive journey underneath sea world.
It is indeed a great and fun educational marine life experience that the little one can explore. And in here, SEALIFE Malaysia brings you with the great experience for kids to look into various of sea creatures here.
And as usual, when entering SEALIFE , temperature is taken and sanitizing is done. Not just that, every person who enter is a need to wear the mask and you can find sanitizer all along the SEALIFE.
The Sealife Adventure brings you with the great adventure for the young, and the parents as well where they have more than 25 display tanks in 11 habitat zones which features 13,000 Sea Creatures from 120 species.
Room around the Sealife and you can enjoy looking at the different types of fishes there. One of the biggest excitement for many is of course the Ocean Tank that comes with the 180 degrees view cut cross where visitor can watch the sharks, rays, and many other sea creatures swim around the water.
In here you can witness and learn the key habitat zones featured at The Sea Life Malaysia. Some of it includes the Shaoling ing, Carol Reef, Jellies, Ocean View, Stingray Bay and many many more.
The overall trip to Legoland overall is indeed a pleasant one. I had also witness how Legoland had do their part to ensure the security and health of the visitors had been taken off. They do observed on social distancing as well as sanitizing the rides every round.
Address: No 7, Jalan Legoland, Bandar, 79250 Johor Bahru, Johor
Phone: 07-597 8888
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