Starbucks Reserve @ Berjaya Times Square

For those who are not aware, Starbucks Reserve™ coffees are their rarest, small batch coffees roasted in Seattle. And in Reserve™ coffees often come from remote and rugged places, with limited harvests from lots as small as a family backyard. And if you are a Starbucks Coffee Drinker, you definitely will know that their coffee are coming in limited stock only!

And during the whole session of the coffee chat, we learned  a lot from their Barista. And this round, we have Remy Razali  who is the 2018 Barista Champion of Malaysia and Brunei. Working as the assistant manager at Starbucks Reserve™ Berjaya Times Square, Remy demonstrates his skills and passion through the craft of coffee brewing.

And in here, we learn on the process of the Pour – Over brewing method where customer can experience a personal coffee chat session with the Coffee Masters at any Starbucks Reserve Outlet. And we had learned that the Pourover coffee starts with (freshly) ground coffee, a filter, and a filter holder, often called a ‘pourover dripper.’ At the most basic level, pourover brewing involves pouring water over and through the grounds to extract the coffee flavors into your cup or serving vessel.

And next, we  also get to know about one of the seven brewing methods available is using the Espresso Machine. And this Black Eagle Espresso Machine extracts the finest taste of espresso which is the key ingredients for various coffee beverage.

Last but not least, Siphon is one of the attractive and eye-catching way of getting your favourite cup of coffee. And in Starbucks, they are using the vacuum filtration to push the extremely hot water through a bed of freshly ground coffee. Using the paper filter, it actually enhanced the extraction time and it brings you a delicate cup of coffee that mesmerizes the senses.

And this round, we have a sip of this Rwanda Hingakawa coffee which is one of the limited edition coffee.United by their love of coffee, the Hingakawa group within the Abakundakawa Cooperative came together to bring reconciliation and revitalization to their community and country through coffee. And the coffee brings you with the mandarin and dark chocolate flavors with a honeycomb sweetness bursts with every sip.

Accompany with it, we enjoy them with the Starbucks food pairing. This is where, we are able to enjoy different cup of coffee that serves well with their cakes.

If you are a fans of coffee, do hop to Starbucks to enjoy your cup of coffee.

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